If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we'd like to hear them. Contact us at, which is the official help and discussion forum for for both GSEA and MSigDB. Please post questions, bug reports, and suggestions there. For private messages about other matters, please contact us at

Before posting a help request to the forum, it may be helpful to first check out the following resources:

If you contact us about a problem with the GSEA desktop application, please send us the following information:

  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • The text of any error messages, and the log from the GSEA session that caused the error. To retrieve the log, click the [+] icon in the bottom left of the GSEA window and copy the text.
  • Your operating system and version.
  • Your Java version.
  • Optionally, example data that demonstrates the problem.

If you would like to suggest or contribute new gene sets, please contact us at

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The GSEA/MSigDB Team