Systematic name M2837
Brief description Genes up-regulated in oncocytic follicular carcinoma (FTC) vs mitochondrial-rich papillary carcinoma (PTC) types of thyroid cancer.
Full description or abstract The oncogenic pathways in mitochondrial-rich thyroid carcinomas are not clearly understood. To investigate the possible implication of mitochondrial abundance in the genesis of thyroid tumors, we have explored the gene expression profile of six oncocytic carcinomas and six mitochondrial-rich papillary carcinomas using cDNA-microarray technology. A supervised approach allowed us to identify 83 genes differentially expressed in the two types of carcinoma. These genes were classified according to their ontologic profiles. Three genes, NOS3, alpha-actinin-2 and alpha-catenin, suspected of playing a role in tumor genesis, were explored by quantitative RT-PCR analysis and immunohistochemistry. Of the 59 genes overexpressed in papillary carcinomas, 51% were involved in cell communication. Of the 24 genes overexpressed in oncocytic carcinomas, 84% were involved in mitochondrial and cellular metabolism. Our results suggest that mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes III and IV play a significant role in the regulation of reactive oxygen species production by oncocytic tumors.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 15806164   Authors: Baris O,Mirebeau-Prunier D,Savagner F,Rodien P,Ballester B,Loriod B,Granjeaud S,Guyetant S,Franc B,Houlgatte R,Reynier P,Malthiery Y
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Source species Homo sapiens
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