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Systematic name M111
Brief description Roles of b-arrestin-dependent Recruitment of Src Kinases in GPCR Signaling
Full description or abstract The binding of -arrestins to agonist-occupied GPCRs coincides with the recruitment of Src family tyrosine kinases, including c-Src, Hck and c-Fgr (Src-TK), to the receptor-arrestin complex. Several signaling events have been reported to involve -arrestin-dependent Src recruitment. These include the regulation of clathrin-dependent 2-adrenergic receptor endocytosis by tyrosine phosphorylation of dynamin, Ras-dependent activation of the ERK1/2 MAP kinase cascade and stimulation of cell proliferation by 2-adrenergic and neurokinin NK1 receptors, and stimulation of chemokine CXCR1 receptor-mediated neutrophil degranulation
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Source species Homo sapiens
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