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Systematic name M19118
Brief description Keratinocyte Differentiation
Full description or abstract The epidermis, which provides a protective barrier that undergoes a constant renewal, is a multi-layered tissue with the proliferating cells located in the basal layer. As cells leave the basal layer the underog significant differentiation, biochemical and morphological remodeling. The final differentiation results in the formation of corneocytes. In vitro keratinocytes mimic this process. Several genes mark keratinocyte specific differentiation. Among the most frequently tracked markers are Transglutaminase, Cystatin and Involucrin. The keratinocyte differentiation studies have identified and provided significant detail regarding the involvement of three of the 4 major MAP kinase pathways from several diverse stimuli such as EGF, FAS, TNF and Calicium influx. The p38 cascade is represented twice since both p38alpha (p38) and p38delta (MAPK13) are involved. The keratinocyte differentiation cascased also provide for detailed study of the functions of individual PKC isoforms. It is interesting to note the contrasting functions of the PKC isoforms in this process. In recent studies it has been determined that the cPKC (conventional/classical Protein Kinase C) isoforms, which are calcium-, phospholipid-, and diacylglycerol-dependent are inhibitory where as the nPKC (novel Protein Kinase C) isoforms which are calcium independent are stimulatory for keratinocyte differentiation markers. On the right hand side is an earlier step showing the upregulation loop of TRAF2. This step occurs prior to the activation os ASK1 and the p38 cascade.
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Source species Homo sapiens
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