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Systematic name M6023
Brief description Genes down-regulated in pre B lymphocyte after induction of physiological DNA double-strand breaks (DSB) by RAG2 [GeneID=5897]; the changes are independent of ATM [GeneID=472] signaling.
Full description or abstract DNA double-strand breaks are generated by genotoxic agents and by cellular endonucleases as intermediates of several important physiological processes. The cellular response to genotoxic DNA breaks includes the activation of transcriptional programs known primarily to regulate cell-cycle checkpoints and cell survival. DNA double-strand breaks are generated in all developing lymphocytes during the assembly of antigen receptor genes, a process that is essential for normal lymphocyte development. Here we show that in murine lymphocytes these physiological DNA breaks activate a broad transcriptional program. This program transcends the canonical DNA double-strand break response and includes many genes that regulate diverse cellular processes important for lymphocyte development. Moreover, the expression of several of these genes is regulated similarly in response to genotoxic DNA damage. Thus, physiological DNA double-strand breaks provide cues that can regulate cell-type-specific processes not directly involved in maintaining the integrity of the genome, and genotoxic DNA breaks could disrupt normal cellular functions by corrupting these processes.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 18849970   Authors: Bredemeyer AL,Helmink BA,Innes CL,Calderon B,McGinnis LM,Mahowald GK,Gapud EJ,Walker LM,Collins JB,Weaver BK,Mandik-Nayak L,Schreiber RD,Allen PM,May MJ,Paules RS,Bassing CH,Sleckman BP
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Source species Mus musculus
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