Standard name BUSA_SAM68_TARGETS_UP
Systematic name M6794
Brief description Genes up-regulated in LNCaP cells (prostate cancer) after knockdown of SAM68 [GeneID=10657] by RNAi.
Full description or abstract The tyrosine kinase Src is frequently activated in advanced human prostate carcinomas and its activation correlates with tyrosine phosphorylation of the RNA-binding protein Sam68. Herein, we have investigated the expression and function of Sam68 in human prostate cancer cells. Analysis of specimens obtained from 20 patients revealed that Sam68 is upregulated at the protein level in 35% of the samples. Real-time polymerase chain reaction confirmed the results at the mRNA level in most patients. Downregulation of Sam68 by RNAi in LNCaP prostate cancer cells delayed cell cycle progression and reduced the proliferation rate. Moreover, depletion of Sam68 sensitized cells to apoptosis induced by DNA-damaging agents. Similarly, stable cell lines expressing a truncated GFP-Sam68(GSG) protein displayed reduced growth rates and higher sensitivity to cisplatin-induced apoptosis. Microarray analyses revealed that a subset of genes involved in proliferation and apoptosis were altered when Sam68 was knocked down in LNCaP cells. Our results indicate that Sam68 expression supports prostate cancer cells proliferation and survival to cytotoxic agents.
Collection ARCHIVED: Archived Founder gene sets that are referenced by current Hallmarks
      C2_NONE: ARCHIVED Curated
            C2_CGP: ARCHIVED Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17237817   Authors: Busą R,Paronetto MP,Farini D,Pierantozzi E,Botti F,Angelini DF,Attisani F,Vespasiani G,Sette C
Exact source Table 2: Upregulated
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Source species Homo sapiens
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