Systematic name M13038
Brief description List of the transcription factors up-regulated 1 hr after wounding HDF cells (dermal fibroblasts).
Full description or abstract P27kip is a key inhibitory protein of the cell-cycle progression, which is rapidly downregulated in early G1 phase by a post-translational mechanism involving the proteosomal degradation. In this study, using a wounding model that induces cell-cycle entry of human dermal fibroblasts, we demonstrate that p27mRNA is downregulated when cells progress into the G1 phase, and then it returns to its basal level when cells approach the S phase. By using a quantitative polymerase chain reaction screening we identified inhibitors of differentiation (Id3), a bHLH transcriptional repressor, as a candidate mediator accounting for p27 mRNA decrease. Id3 silencing, using an small interfering RNA approach, reversed the injury mediated p27 downregulation demonstrating that Id3 is involved in the transcriptional repression of p27. Reporter gene experiments and a chromatin immunoprecipitation assay showed that Id3 likely exerts its repressive action through ELK1 inhibition. By inhibiting early p27 downregulation, Id3 depletion blocked (i) the G1-phase progression as assessed by the inhibition of pRb phosphorylation and p130 degradation and (ii) the G1/S transition as observed by the inhibition of cyclin A induction, demonstrating that p27 mRNA decrease is required for cell proliferation. Apart from its effect on the early p27 diminution, Id3 appears also involved in the control of the steady-state level of p27 at the G1/S boundary. In conclusion, this study identifies a novel mechanism of p27 regulation which besides p27 protein degradation also implicates a transcriptional mechanism mediated by Id3.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17404577   Authors: Chassot AA,Turchi L,Virolle T,Fitsialos G,Batoz M,Deckert M,Dulic V,Meneguzzi G,Buscą R,Ponzio G
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Source species Homo sapiens
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