Human Gene Set: CSR_LATE_UP.V1_UP

Standard name CSR_LATE_UP.V1_UP
Systematic name M2660
Brief description Genes up-regulated in late serum response of CRL 2091 cells (foreskin fibroblasts).
Full description or abstract Foreskin fibroblasts CRL 2091 (ATCC) were serum starved for 48 hours, and harvested at the indicated time points after switching to media with 10% FBS essentially as described (Iyer et al., 1999). RNA from all of the sampled time points were pooled as reference RNA to compare with RNA from individual time points as described (Iyer et al., 1999)
Collection C6: Oncogenic Signature
Source publication Pubmed 14737219   Authors: Chang HY,Sneddon JB,Alizadeh AA,Sood R,West RB,Montgomery K,Chi JT,van de Rijn M,Botstein D,Brown PO
Exact source CSR_late (12 to 36 h) vs Control (0 h); top 200 genes (diff. of means)
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by Pablo Tamayo (Broad Institute)
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