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Systematic name M7589
Brief description Genes up-regulated in CD11b+ cells from spleen of BALB/c mice bearing C26GM colon carcinoma versus CD11b+ cells from tumors of BALB/c mice bearing 4T1 mammary carcinoma.
Full description or abstract Tumor growth is associated with a profound alteration of myelopoiesis, leading to recruitment of immunosuppressive cells known as myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). Analyzing the cytokines affecting myelo-monocytic differentiation produced by various experimental tumors, we found that GM-CSF, G-CSF, and IL-6 allowed a rapid generation of MDSCs from precursors present in mouse and human bone marrow (BM). BM-MDSCs induced by GM-CSF+IL-6 possessed the highest tolerogenic activity, as revealed by the ability to impair the priming of IFN- -producing CD8+ T cells upon in vivo adoptive transfer. Moreover, adoptive transfer of syngeneic, GM-CSF+IL-6-conditioned MDSCs to diabetic mice transplanted with allogeneic pancreatic islets resulted in long term acceptance of the allograft and correction of the diabetic status. Cytokines inducing MDSCs acted on a common molecular pathway. Immunoregulatory activity of both tumor-induced and BM-derived MDSCs was entirely dependent on C/EBP transcription factor, a key component of the emergency myelopoiesis triggered by stress and inflammation. Adoptive transfer of tumor antigen-specific CD8+ T lymphocytes resulted in therapy of established tumors only in mice lacking C/EBP in myeloid compartment. These data unveil another link between inflammation and cancer and identify a novel molecular target to control tumor-induced immune suppression. We used gene expression analysis to identify those factors, secreted by tumor-infiltrating MDSC, which could drive emathopoiesis. Moreover we compare gene expression profile of tumor-induced MDSC, obtained from either the spleen and the tumor infiltrate of tumor bearing mice, and in vitro bone marrow-derived MDSC.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      IMMUNESIGDB: ImmuneSigDB
Source publication Pubmed 20605485   Authors: Marigo I,Bosio E,Solito S,Mesa C,Fernandez A,Dolcetti L,Ugel S,Sonda N,Bicciato S,Falisi E,Calabrese F,Basso G,Zanovello P,Cozzi E,Mandruzzato S,Bronte V
Exact source GSE21927_2522_200_UP
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Organism Mus musculus
Contributed by Jernej Godec (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
Source platform HUMAN_GENE_SYMBOL
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