Systematic name M8129
Brief description Genes down-regulated in AGS cells (gastric adenocarcinoma): control versus H. pylori LPS.
Full description or abstract This study set out to identify global changes in gene expression in AGS gastric epithelial cells following 8 hours stimulation with 10 ?g/ml lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from the gastric pathogen H. pylori. Microarray analysis was used to compare changes in gene expression between cells treated with 10 ?g/ml H. pylori LPS and untreated cells at the same time point.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      IMMUNESIGDB: ImmuneSigDB
Source publication Pubmed 21220698   Authors: Smith SM,Moran AP,Duggan SP,Ahmed SE,Mohamed AS,Windle HJ,O'Neill LA,Kelleher DP
Exact source GSE25146_3045_200_DN
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by Jernej Godec (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
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