Systematic name M742
Brief description Genes that have high expression in mammary tumors of solid nodular histology.
Full description or abstract Human breast cancer has been characterized by extensive transcriptional heterogeneity, with dominant patterns reflected in the intrinsic subtypes. Mouse models of breast cancer also have heterogeneous transcriptomes and we noted that specific histological subtypes were associated with particular subsets. We hypothesized that unique sets of genes define each tumor histological type across mouse models of breast cancer. Using mouse models that contained both gene expression data and expert pathologist classification of tumor histology on a sample by sample basis, we predicted and validated gene expression signatures for Papillary, EMT, Microacinar and other histological subtypes. These signatures predict known histological events across murine breast cancer models and identify counterparts of mouse mammary tumor types in subtypes of human breast cancer. Importantly, the EMT, Adenomyoepithelial, and Solid signatures were predictive of clinical events in human breast cancer. In addition, a pan-cancer comparison revealed that the histological signatures were active in a variety of human cancers such as lung, oral, and esophageal squamous tumors. Finally, the differentiation status and transcriptional activity implicit within these signatures was identified. These data reveal that within tumor histology groups are unique gene expression profiles of differentiation and pathway activity that stretch well beyond the transgenic initiating events and that have clear applicability to human cancers. As a result, our work provides a predictive resource and insights into possible mechanisms that govern tumor heterogeneity.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 29346386   Authors: Hollern DP,Swiatnicki MR,Andrechek ER
Exact source File S1: Upregulated_In_SolidNodular
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Source species Mus musculus
Contributed by Daniel Hollern (University of North Carolina)
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