Systematic name M19993
Brief description Up-regulated genes in B-CLL (B-cell chronic leukemia) patients expressing high levels of ZAP70 and CD38 [GeneID=7535;952], which are associated with poor survival.
Full description or abstract B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) is a heterogenous disease with a highly variable clinical course and analysis of zeta-associated protein 70 (ZAP-70) and CD38 expression on B-CLL cells allowed for identification of patients with good (ZAP-70-CD38-) and poor (ZAP-70+CD38+) prognosis. DNA microarray technology was employed to compare eight ZAP-70+CD38+ with eight ZAP-70-CD38- B-CLL cases. The expression of 358 genes differed significantly between the two subgroups, including genes involved in B-cell receptor signaling, angiogenesis and lymphomagenesis. Three of these genes, that is, immune receptor translocation-associated protein 4 (IRTA4)/Fc receptor homologue 2 (FcRH2), angiopoietin 2 (ANGPT2) and Pim2 were selected for further validating studies in a cohort of 94 B-CLL patients. IRTA4/FcRH2 expression as detected by flow cytometry was significantly lower in the poor prognosis subgroup as compared to ZAP-70-CD38- B-CLL cells. In healthy individuals, IRTA4/FcRH2 protein expression was associated with a CD19+CD27+ memory cell phenotype. ANGPT2 plasma concentrations were twofold higher in the poor prognosis subgroup (P<0.05). Pim2 was significantly overexpressed in poor prognosis cases and Binet stage C. Disease progression may be related to proangiogenic processes and strong Pim2 expression.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 16932341   Authors: Hüttmann A,Klein-Hitpass L,Thomale J,Deenen R,Carpinteiro A,Nückel H,Ebeling P,Führer A,Edelmann J,Sellmann L,Dührsen U,Dürig J
Exact source Table 3S: Fold change >= 2
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Source species Homo sapiens
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