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Systematic name M1128
Brief description Myb family target genes.
Full description or abstract Hematopoiesis, the process by which mature blood cells arise, is controlled by multiple transcription factors, which act in stage- and lineage-specific complexes. It is a major goal to elucidate the genes regulated by these transcription factors, in order to obtain a full understanding of the process and its malignant counterpart, leukemia. Myb family transcription factors play a central role in hematopoiesis. To identify new Myb family target genes, we have used an inducible dominant-negative protein for a subtraction cloning protocol in a model cell system (FDCP-Mix) with many characteristics of normal hematopoiesis. We present here a novel group of 29 validated Myb family target genes of diverse functions.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 15608679   Authors: Lang G,White JR,Argent-Katwala MJ,Allinson CG,Weston K
Exact source Table 1
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Source species Mus musculus
Contributed by Arthur Liberzon (MSigDB Team)
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