Systematic name M8520
Brief description Cluster 6 of method A: up-regulation of these genes in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) predicts poor survival outcome.
Full description or abstract Although prognostic gene expression signatures for survival in early-stage lung cancer have been proposed, for clinical application, it is critical to establish their performance across different subject populations and in different laboratories. Here we report a large, training-testing, multi-site, blinded validation study to characterize the performance of several prognostic models based on gene expression for 442 lung adenocarcinomas. The hypotheses proposed examined whether microarray measurements of gene expression either alone or combined with basic clinical covariates (stage, age, sex) could be used to predict overall survival in lung cancer subjects. Several models examined produced risk scores that substantially correlated with actual subject outcome. Most methods performed better with clinical data, supporting the combined use of clinical and molecular information when building prognostic models for early-stage lung cancer. This study also provides the largest available set of microarray data with extensive pathological and clinical annotation for lung adenocarcinomas.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 18641660   Authors: Director's Challenge Consortium for the Molecular Classification of Lung Adenocarcinoma,Shedden K,Taylor JM,Enkemann SA,Tsao MS,Yeatman TJ,Gerald WL,Eschrich S,Jurisica I,Giordano TJ,Misek DE,Chang AC,Zhu CQ,Strumpf D,Hanash S,Shepherd FA,Ding K,Seymour L,Naoki K,Pennell N,Weir B,Verhaak R,Ladd-Acosta C,Golub T,Gruidl M,Sharma A,Szoke J,Zakowski M,Rusch V,Kris M,Viale A,Motoi N,Travis W,Conley B,Seshan VE,Meyerson M,Kuick R,Dobbin KK,Lively T,Jacobson JW,Beer DG
Exact source Cluster 6 of method A
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