Systematic name M15031
Brief description Genes up-regulated in MCF10A cells (breast cancer) by expression of LSM1 [GeneID=27257] off a letiviral vector.
Full description or abstract Amplification of the 8p11-12 region occurs in 15-20% of breast cancers, but the driving oncogene at this locus has yet to be definitively identified. We mapped the 8p11-12 amplicon in breast cancer cell lines and primary human breast cancers and identified the candidate oncogene human Sm-like protein (hLsm1, LSM1) based on increases in copy number and expression level relative to human mammary epithelial cells. To examine the oncogenic role of LSM1, we overexpressed this gene in MCF10A mammary epithelial cells and inhibited its production in the SUM44 breast cancer cell line, which has a natural amplification and overexpression of LSM1. Our data confirmed that LSM1 is an oncogene from the 8p11-12 amplicon by showing that hLsm1 overexpression induced growth factor-independent proliferation and soft agar colony formation in MCF10A cells, and hLsm1 inhibition in SUM44 cells dramatically reduced soft agar growth. Little is known about hLsm1 function other than its involvement in mRNA degradation; therefore, we used expression microarray analysis to investigate how hLsm1 affects cell transformation in MCF10A and SUM44 cells. We identified numerous genes altered following hLsm1 overexpression common to SUM44 breast cancer cells that play important roles in cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation and other cancer-promoting processes. Future work will continue to characterize these important changes to achieve a more complete understanding of the mechanism of hLsm1's effect on cancer progression.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17001308   Authors: Streicher KL,Yang ZQ,Draghici S,Ethier SP
Exact source Fig 8B, 9
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Source species Homo sapiens
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