Systematic name M1499
Brief description Genes up-regulated in NCI-H2170 cells (lung cancer) upon induction of resistance to cisplatin [PubChem=2767].
Full description or abstract In recent years, most cDNA microarray studies of chemotherapeutic drug resistance have not considered the temporal pattern of gene expression. The objective of this study was to examine systematically changes in gene expression of NCI-H226 and NCI-H2170 lung cancer cells treated weekly with IC10 doses of cisplatin. NCI-H226 lung cancer cells were treated weekly with an IC10 dose of cisplatin. Candidate genes with a fold change of 2.0 or more were identified from this study. A second experiment was conducted by exposing NCI-H2170 cells to cisplatin doses that were increased in week 4 and decreased in week 5. Overall, 44 genes were differentially expressed in both the NCI-H226 and NCI-H2170 cell lines. In the NCI-H2170 cell line, 24 genes had a twofold gene expression change from weeks 3 to 4. Real-time PCR found a significant correlation of the gene expression changes for seven genes of interest. This small time-ordered series identified novel genes associated with cisplatin resistance. This kind of analysis should be viewed as a first step towards building gene-regulatory networks.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 14737109   Authors: Whiteside MA,Chen DT,Desmond RA,Abdulkadir SA,Johanning GL
Exact source Table 1: week 4 >= 1
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by John Newman (University of Washington)
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