Systematic name M11954
Brief description Genes up-regulated in DU-145 cells (prostate cancer) in the absence and presence of a dominant negative form of AKT1 [GeneID=207] upon exposure to HGF [GeneID=3082] for 48 h.
Full description or abstract The cytokine scatter factor (SF) (hepatocyte growth factor) transduces various biologic actions, including cell motility, invasion, angiogenesis and apoptosis inhibition. The latter is relevant to understanding the role of SF in promoting tumor cell survival in different contexts, for example, detachment from basement membrane, growth in metastatic sites and responses to chemo- and radiotherapy. Previously, we showed that SF protects cells against apoptosis owing to DNA damage, by a mechanism involving phosphoinositol-3-kinase/c-Akt signaling. Here, we used DNA microarray assays to identify c-Akt-regulated genes that might contribute to cell protection. DU-145 human prostate cancer cells were transfected+/-a dominant-negative mutant Akt, treated+/-SF and analysed for gene expression using Affymetrix arrays. These studies identified SF-regulated genes for which induction was c-Akt-dependent vs -independent. Selected microarray findings were confirmed by semiquantitative and quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. We tested the contribution of four SF-inducible/c-Akt-dependent genes (AMPD3, EPHB2, MX1 and WNT4) to protection against adriamycin (a DNA topoisomerase IIalpha inhibitor) using RNA interference. Knockdown of each gene except EPHB2 caused a small but significant reduction in the SF cell protection. The lack of effect of EPHB2 knockdown may be due to the fact that DU-145 cells contain a single-mutant EPHB2 allele. A combination of three small interfering RNAs blocked most of the protection by SF in both DU-145 and T47D cells. These findings identify novel c-Akt-regulated genes, some of which contribute to SF-mediated cytoprotection.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17099727   Authors: Xu J,Gao M,Fan S,Meng Q,Goldberg ID,Abounader R,Ressom H,Laterra JJ,Rosen EM
Exact source Table 3S
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Source species Homo sapiens
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