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Systematic name M15150
Brief description Genes up-regulated in cancer stem cells isolated from mammary tumors compared to the non-tumorigenic cells.
Full description or abstract Using a syngeneic p53-null mouse mammary gland tumor model that closely mimics human breast cancer, we have identified, by limiting dilution transplantation and in vitro mammosphere assay, a Lin(-)CD29(H)CD24(H) subpopulation of tumor-initiating cells. Upon subsequent transplantation, this subpopulation generated heterogeneous tumors that displayed properties similar to the primary tumor. Analysis of biomarkers suggests the Lin(-)CD29(H)CD24(H) subpopulation may have arisen from a bipotent mammary progenitor. Differentially expressed genes in the Lin(-)CD29(H)CD24(H) mouse mammary gland tumor-initiating cell population include those involved in DNA damage response and repair, as well as genes involved in epigenetic regulation previously shown to be critical for stem cell self-renewal. These studies provide in vitro and in vivo data that support the cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis. Furthermore, this p53-null mouse mammary tumor model may allow us to identify new CSC markers and to test the functional importance of these markers.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 18559513   Authors: Zhang M,Behbod F,Atkinson RL,Landis MD,Kittrell F,Edwards D,Medina D,Tsimelzon A,Hilsenbeck S,Green JE,Michalowska AM,Rosen JM
Exact source Table 5S: fold > 1.3
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Source species Mus musculus
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