Systematic name M8845
Brief description Genes from common regions of losses observed in more than 15% of 148 primary breast cancer tumors.
Full description or abstract We analysed 148 primary breast cancers using BAC-arrays containing 287 clones representing cancer-related gene/loci to obtain genomic molecular portraits. Gains were detected in 136 tumors (91.9%) and losses in 123 tumors (83.1%). Eight tumors (5.4%) did not have any genomic aberrations in the 281 clones analysed. Common (more than 15% of the samples) gains were observed at 8q11-qtel, 1q21-qtel, 17q11-q12 and 11q13, whereas common losses were observed at 16q12-qtel, 11ptel-p15.5, 1p36-ptel, 17p11.2-p12 and 8ptel-p22. Patients with tumors registering either less than 5% (median value) or less than 11% (third quartile) total copy number changes had a better overall survival (log-rank test: P=0.0417 and P=0.0375, respectively). Unsupervised hierarchical clustering based on copy number changes identified four clusters. Women with tumors from the cluster with amplification of three regions containing known breast oncogenes (11q13, 17q12 and 20q13) had a worse prognosis. The good prognosis group (Nottingham Prognostic Index (NPI)
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17001317   Authors: Chin SF,Wang Y,Thorne NP,Teschendorff AE,Pinder SE,Vias M,Naderi A,Roberts I,Barbosa-Morais NL,Garcia MJ,Iyer NG,Kranjac T,Robertson JF,Aparicio S,Tavaré S,Ellis I,Brenton JD,Caldas C
Exact source Fig 2b: losses
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Source species Homo sapiens
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