Systematic name M41164
Brief description Genes up-regulated in blood responders vs poor responders in seniors (65-81) (responders (training set)) after exposure to Twinrix , time point 0D. Comment: Network inference based on the 15 markers identified as predictors of the response to the HBV vaccine.
Full description or abstract Aging is associated with hyporesponse to vaccination, whose mechanisms remain unclear. In this study hepatitis B virus (HBV)-naive older adults received three vaccines, including one against HBV. Here we show, using transcriptional and cytometric profiling of whole blood collected before vaccination, that heightened expression of genes that augment B-cell responses and higher memory B-cell frequencies correlate with stronger responses to HBV vaccine. In contrast, higher levels of inflammatory response transcripts and increased frequencies of pro-inflammatory innate cells correlate with weaker responses to this vaccine. Increased numbers of erythrocytes and the haem-induced response also correlate with poor response to the HBV vaccine. A transcriptomics-based pre-vaccination predictor of response to HBV vaccine is built and validated in distinct sets of older adults. This moderately accurate (area under the curve ~65%) but robust signature is supported by flow cytometry and cytokine profiling. This study is the first that identifies baseline predictors and mechanisms of response to the HBV vaccine.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      VAX: HIPC Vaccine Response
Source publication Pubmed 26742691   Authors: Fourati S,Cristescu R,Loboda A,Talla A,Filali A,Railkar R,Schaeffer AK,Favre D,Gagnon D,Peretz Y,Wang IM,Beals CR,Casimiro DR,Carayannopoulos LN,Sékaly RP
Exact source Fig 4D
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