Systematic name M9953
Brief description Genes up-regulated in tumor-infiltrating CD8 T cells: BTLA+ [GeneID=151888] versus BTLA- [GeneID=151888].
Full description or abstract Adoptive T-cell Therapy (ACT) involves using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) isolated from metastatic melanoma and expanding them ex vivo prior to infusion into lympho-depleted patients. This is one of the most promising approaches to treat metastatic melanoma, with the rates of clinical response between 48-50% based on studies done at NCI, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX), and Sheba Medical Center (Tel Aviv, Israel). In the Phase II ACT Trial at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center , our group has uncovered an association between positive clinical response and the amount of CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing B and T Lymphocyte Attenuator (BTLA), a reported inhibitory receptor on T-cells. We used microarrays to detail the differences in the global programme of gene expression between CD8+BTLA+ vs CD8+BTLA- TILs in order to understand the molecular basis of the clinical association.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      IMMUNESIGDB: ImmuneSigDB
Source publication Pubmed 26405566   Authors: Haymaker CL,Wu RC,Ritthipichai K,Bernatchez C,Forget MA,Chen JQ,Liu H,Wang E,Marincola F,Hwu P,Radvanyi LG
Exact source GSE43260_3423_200_UP
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by Jernej Godec (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
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