Systematic name M40893
Brief description Genes negatively correlated with memory B cell response at 28d in peripheral blood mononuclear cell in seniors (50-74) after exposure to Fluarix , time point 28D. Comment: selected pathways: leukocyte migration, MAP kinase activity, cytokine signaling, diabetes of the young
Full description or abstract BACKGROUND: Studies suggest that the recall-based humoral immune responses to influenza A/H1N1 originates from activated memory B cells. The aim of this study was to identify baseline, early and late blood transcriptional signatures (in peripheral blood mononuclear cells/PBMCs) associated with memory B cell response following influenza vaccination. METHODS: We used pre- and post-vaccination mRNA-Seq transcriptional profiling on samples from 159 subjects (50-74years old) following receipt of seasonal trivalent influenza vaccine containing the A/California/7/2009/H1N1-like virus, and penalized regression modeling to identify associations with influenza A/H1N1-specific memory B cell ELISPOT response after vaccination. RESULTS: Genesets and genes (p-value range 7.92E(-08) to 0.00018, q-value range 0.00019-0.039) demonstrating significant associations (of gene expression levels) with memory B cell response suggest the importance of metabolic (cholesterol and lipid metabolism-related), cell migration/adhesion, MAP kinase, NF-kB cell signaling (chemokine/cytokine signaling) and transcriptional regulation gene signatures in the development of memory B cell response after influenza vaccination. CONCLUSION: Through an unbiased transcriptome-wide profiling approach, our study identified signatures of memory B cell response following influenza vaccination, highlighting the underappreciated role of metabolic changes (among the other immune function-related events) in the regulation of influenza vaccine-induced immune memory.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      VAX: HIPC Vaccine Response
Source publication Pubmed 27317456   Authors: Haralambieva IH,Ovsyannikova IG,Kennedy RB,Zimmermann MT,Grill DE,Oberg AL,Poland GA
Exact source Fig 2C-F; Table 2
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