Human Gene Set: LI_PBMC_MENOMUNE_A_C_Y_W_135_AGE_18_45YO_3DY_DN

Standard name LI_PBMC_MENOMUNE_A_C_Y_W_135_AGE_18_45YO_3DY_DN
Systematic name M40933
Brief description Genes down-regulated in peripheral blood mononuclear cell 3d vs 0d in adults (18-45) after exposure to Menomune A/C/Y/W-135 , time point 3D
Full description or abstract Many vaccines induce protective immunity via antibodies. Systems biology approaches have been used to determine signatures that can be used to predict vaccine-induced immunity in humans, but whether there is a 'universal signature' that can be used to predict antibody responses to any vaccine is unknown. Here we did systems analyses of immune responses to the polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines against meningococcus in healthy adults, in the broader context of published studies of vaccines against yellow fever virus and influenza virus. To achieve this, we did a large-scale network integration of publicly available human blood transcriptomes and systems-scale databases in specific biological contexts and deduced a set of transcription modules in blood. Those modules revealed distinct transcriptional signatures of antibody responses to different classes of vaccines, which provided key insights into primary viral, protein recall and anti-polysaccharide responses. Our results elucidate the early transcriptional programs that orchestrate vaccine immunity in humans and demonstrate the power of integrative network modeling.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      VAX: HIPC Vaccine Response
Source publication Pubmed 24336226   Authors: Li S,Rouphael N,Duraisingham S,Romero-Steiner S,Presnell S,Davis C,Schmidt DS,Johnson SE,Milton A,Rajam G,Kasturi S,Carlone GM,Quinn C,Chaussabel D,Palucka AK,Mulligan MJ,Ahmed R,Stephens DS,Nakaya HI,Pulendran B
Exact source Fig 5b
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