Systematic name M47981
Brief description Tumor-derived matrisome proteins exclusively detected in poorly metastatic melanoma human-to-mouse xenografts (A375) in comparison to highly metastatic melanoma human-to-mouse xenografts (A375_MA2).
Full description or abstract We employed a proteomic strategy developed to characterize the in-vivo ECM composition of normal tissues and tumors using enrichment of protein extracts for ECM components and subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry. We grew subcutaneous tumors by injection into NOD/SCID/IL2R? mice of A375 human melanoma cells (poorly metastatic) or their highly metastatic derivatives MA2. The tumors were dissected 5 weeks later, and the tumor ECM was enriched and analyzed using mass spectrometry. We define the tumor ECM as the ensemble of ECM proteins and ECM-associated proteins found in two independent samples. A challenging question when studying the tumor microenvironment is to understand the origin of the tumor ECM; that is, whether the tumor ECM is produced and secreted by the tumor cells themselves, by the stromal cells or by both compartments. To address this question, we pursued the analysis of the melanoma xenografts described above, by identifying the origin of each protein. In order to be able to identify without ambiguity the origin of each protein, we required that proteins needed to be detected in two independent samples with at least two species-specific peptides in one of them. Using this strategy, we identified for each tumor type a set of matrisome proteins exclusively secreted by the (human) tumor cells, and another set exclusively secreted by the (murine) stromal cells. This gene set lists the matrisome proteins (based on the criteria mentioned above) secreted by the tumor cells in A375 tumors and not in MA2 tumors.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 22159717   Authors: Naba A,Clauser KR,Hoersch S,Liu H,Carr SA,Hynes RO
Exact source mcp.M111.014647-6, Figure 5A. The tumor extracellular matrix is secreted by both tumor cells and stromal cells and differs with metastatic potential.
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by Alexandra Naba (University of Illinois Chicago)
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