Human Gene Set: RB_DN.V1_UP

Standard name RB_DN.V1_UP
Systematic name M2800
Brief description Genes up-regulated in primary keratinocytes from RB1 [GeneID=5925] skin specific knockout mice.
Full description or abstract The epidermal-specific ablation of Rb gene leads to increased proliferation, aberrant differentiation, and the disengagement of these processes in vivo and in vitro. These differences in phenotype are more severe with the loss of p107, demonstrating the functional compensation between pRb and p107. As p107 and p130 also exert overlapping functions in epidermis, we have generated Rb(F19/F19)K14cre;Rbl2-/- (pRb-;p130-) mice to analyze possible functional redundancies between pRb and p130. The epidermal phenotype was very similar between pRb- and pRb-;p130- mice, suggesting that pRb and p130 activities are not redundant in epidermis. Importantly, we can correlate the proliferation differences with specific changes in gene expression between pRb-, pRb-;p107- and pRb-;p130- primary keratinocytes using microarray analysis, and explain the phenotypes in the context of altered E2F expression and functionality. Our findings support a model in which the distinct retinoblastoma family members, in conjunction with E2F members, play a central role in regulating epidermal homeostasis through specific or overlapping activities.
Collection C6: Oncogenic Signature
Source publication Pubmed 17932948   Authors: Lara MF,García-Escudero R,Ruiz S,Santos M,Moral M,Martínez-Cruz AB,Segrelles C,Lorz C,Paramio JM
Exact source RB -/- vs WT; top 150 genes (diff. of means)
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Source species Mus musculus
Contributed by Pablo Tamayo (Broad Institute)
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