Systematic name M41079
Brief description Genes up-regulated in peripheral blood mononuclear cell females vs males in adults (50-74) (females) after exposure to Fluarix , time point 0D, 3DY, 28D. Comment: Caucasian adults (50-74); See Suppl Table 6 for full DE gene list, time point 0D, 3DY, 28D combined (identical signatures)
Full description or abstract Background: Sex differences in immune responses to influenza vaccine may impact efficacy across populations. Methods: In a cohort of 138 older adults (50-74 years old), we measured influenza A/H1N1 antibody titers, B-cell ELISPOT response, PBMC transcriptomics, and PBMC cell compositions at 0, 3, and 28 days post-immunization with the 2010/11 seasonal inactivated influenza vaccine. Results: We identified higher B-cell ELISPOT responses in females than males. Potential mechanisms for sex effects were identified in four gene clusters related to T, NK, and B cells. Mediation analysis indicated that sex-dependent expression in T and NK cell genes can be partially attributed to higher CD4+ T cell and lower NK cell fractions in females. We identified strong sex effects in 135 B cell genes whose expression correlates with ELISPOT measures, and found that cell subset differences did not explain the effect of sex on these genes' expression. Post-vaccination expression of these genes, however, mediated 41% of the sex effect on ELISPOT responses. Conclusions: These results improve our understanding of sexual dimorphism in immunity and influenza vaccine response.
Collection C7: Immunologic Signature
      VAX: HIPC Vaccine Response
Source publication Pubmed 30873150   Authors: Voigt EA,Ovsyannikova IG,Kennedy RB,Grill DE,Goergen KM,Schaid DJ,Poland GA
Exact source Table 2
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