Systematic name M19511
Brief description Genes up-regulated in fibroblasts with defective XPC [GeneID=7508] in response to cisplatin [PubChem=2767].
Full description or abstract XPC is an important DNA damage recognition protein involved in DNA nucleotide excision repair. We have studied the role of the XPC protein in cisplatin treatment-mediated cell cycle regulation. Through the comparison of microarray data obtained from human normal fibroblasts and two individual XPC-defective cell lines, 486 genes were identified as XPC-responsive genes in the cisplatin treatment (with a minimal 1.5-fold change) and 297 of these genes were further mapped to biological pathways and gene ontologies. The cell cycle and cell proliferation-related genes were the most affected genes by the XPC defect in the cisplatin treatment. Many other cellular function genes were also affected by the XPC defect in the treatment. Western blot hybridization results revealed that the XPC defect reduced the p53 responses to the cisplatin treatment. The ability to activate caspase-3 was also attenuated in the XPC cells with the treatment. These results suggest that the XPC protein plays a critical role in initiating the cisplatin DNA damaging treatment-mediated signal transduction process, resulting in activation of the p53 pathway and cell cycle arrest that allow DNA repair and apoptosis to take place. These results reveal an important role of the XPC protein in the cancer prevention.
Collection C2: Curated
      CGP: Chemical and Genetic Perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 15107491   Authors: Wang G,Chuang L,Zhang X,Colton S,Dombkowski A,Reiners J,Diakiw A,Xu XS
Exact source Table 1S: fold change > 0
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by John Newman (University of Washington)
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Version history 3.0: Renamed from CIS_XPC_UP

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