Systematic name M16826
Brief description The 50 most down-regulated genes in primary invasive breast dutcal carcinoma (IDC) or lymph node metastases, compared to normal mammary epithelium.
Full description or abstract Expression profiles of breast carcinomas are difficult to interpret when they are obtained from tissue in toto, which may contain a large proportion of non-cancer cells. To avoid this problem, we microscopically isolated cells from a primary invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast and from an axillary node harboring a metastatic breast carcinoma, to obtain pure populations of carcinoma cells ( approximately 500) and used them for serial analysis of gene expression. The expression profiles generated from both populations of cells were compared with the profile of a disease-free mammary epithelium. We showed that the expression profiles obtained are exclusive of carcinoma cells with no contribution of non-epithelial cells. From a total of 16,939 unique tags analyzed, we detected 559 statistically significant changes in gene expression; some of these genes have not been previously associated with breast cancer. We observed that many of the down-regulated genes are the same in both cancers, whereas the up-regulated genes are completely different, suggesting that the down-regulation of a set of genes may be the basic mechanism of cancer formation, while the up-regulation may characterize and possibly control the state of evolution of individual cancers. The results obtained may help in characterizing the neoplastic process of breast cancer.
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Source publication Pubmed 15608061   Authors: Zucchi I,Mento E,Kuznetsov VA,Scotti M,Valsecchi V,Simionati B,Vicinanza E,Valle G,Pilotti S,Reinbold R,Vezzoni P,Albertini A,Dulbecco R
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Source species Homo sapiens
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