Standard name BCL11A_TARGET_GENES
Systematic name MM16622
Brief description Genes containing one or more binding sites for UniProt:Q9QYE3 (Bcl11a) in their promoter regions (TSS -1000,+100 bp) as identified by GTRD version 20.06 ChIP-seq harmonization.
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Collection M3: Regulatory Target
      GTRD: GTRD
Source publication Pubmed 30445619   Authors: Yevshin I,Sharipov R,Kolmykov S,Kondrakhin Y,Kolpakov F
Exact source Q9QYE3
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Source species Homo sapiens
Contributed by Anthony Castanza (MSigDB Team)
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Version history 2023.1.Mm: Updated to GTRD v21.12

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