Systematic name M14524
Brief description Up-regulated genes in colon carcinoma tumors compared to the matched normal mucosa samples.
Full description or abstract To characterize patterns of global transcriptional deregulation in primary colon carcinomas, we did gene expression profiling of 73 tumors [Unio Internationale Contra Cancrum stage II (n = 33) and stage III (n = 40)] using oligonucleotide microarrays. For 30 of the tumors, expression profiles were compared with those from matched normal mucosa samples. We identified a set of 1,950 genes with highly significant deregulation between tumors and mucosa samples (P < 1e-7). A significant proportion of these genes mapped to chromosome 20 (P = 0.01). Seventeen genes had a >5-fold average expression difference between normal colon mucosa and carcinomas, including up-regulation of MYC and of HMGA1, a putative oncogene. Furthermore, we identified 68 genes that were significantly differentially expressed between lymph node-negative and lymph node-positive tumors (P < 0.001), the functional annotation of which revealed a preponderance of genes that play a role in cellular immune response and surveillance. The microarray-derived gene expression levels of 20 deregulated genes were validated using quantitative real-time reverse transcription-PCR in >40 tumor and normal mucosa samples with good concordance between the techniques. Finally, we established a relationship between specific genomic imbalances, which were mapped for 32 of the analyzed colon tumors by comparative genomic hybridization, and alterations of global transcriptional activity. Previously, we had conducted a similar analysis of primary rectal carcinomas. The systematic comparison of colon and rectal carcinomas revealed a significant overlap of genomic imbalances and transcriptional deregulation, including activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling cascade, suggesting similar pathogenic pathways.
Collection ARCHIVED: Archived Founder gene sets that are referenced by current Hallmarks
      C2_CGP: Archived chemical and genetic perturbations
Source publication Pubmed 17210682   Authors: Grade M,Hörmann P,Becker S,Hummon AB,Wangsa D,Varma S,Simon R,Liersch T,Becker H,Difilippantonio MJ,Ghadimi BM,Ried T
Exact source Table 3S: Avg tumor/avg mucosa > 1
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Organism Homo sapiens
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