Systematic name M8347
Brief description Genes up-regulated in germinal center B lymphocytes: wildtype versus ZBTB7A [GeneID=51341] knockout.
Full description or abstract B cells are indispensable for humoral immunity, as they ultimately give rise to antibody-secreting plasma cells. During T cell-dependent antibody responses, naive B cells form germinal centers (GCs), a distinct histologic structure found in secondary lymphoid organs. Naive B cells become activated upon interaction with T cells and antigen presenting cells, and begin to rapidly proliferate and form the characteristic GC structure. To elucidate the overall effect of LRF loss in the GCB cell transcriptome, gene expression microarray analysis of FACS-sorted GCB cells was performed. LRF Flox/+ mb-1 Cre+ mice were used as a control to normalize the potential effects of Cre recombinase, and four RNA samples for each genotype were used for the analysis.
Collection C7: immunologic signature gene sets
      IMMUNESIGDB: ImmuneSigDB gene sets
Source publication Pubmed 21646720   Authors: Sakurai N,Maeda M,Lee SU,Ishikawa Y,Li M,Williams JC,Wang L,Su L,Suzuki M,Saito TI,Chiba S,Casola S,Yagita H,Teruya-Feldstein J,Tsuzuki S,Bhatia R,Maeda T
Exact source GSE28449_2448_200_UP
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Organism Mus musculus
Contributed by Jernej Godec (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
Source platform HUMAN_GENE_SYMBOL
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